Sunday, December 5, 2010

What the heck are those people thinking?

I noticed that one of the restaurants that featured prominently in my failed attempts to find work in a kitchen often publishes photos of their dishes on Facebook. Interesting, in that the images are often blurry, the plating tends to be haphazard more often than not, and the lighting is unflattering to the food. In short, their photography would be more likely to keep me out of their restaurant than entice me in.

If I plated food in that manner at school, I'd be subject to a barrage of criticism and accused of having never learned that our first perception of food in a restaurant is visual.

Those guys really need to get someone in there who knows what he's doing. Not that they're likely to, but their food really looks, as the French would say, beurk!. I think the word is self-translating. 

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