Thursday, December 9, 2010

The mug shot sandwich

(click on the image to make it bigger)

This is just too much fun. Too bad I can't get extra credit in class for this, but then tweaking the nose of someone who is supposedly a professional chef yet can't plate food appealingly nor photograph it is just too much of a temptation to let pass.

As usual, the thing looks quite enticing here. Not so the original photo: a pile of fries thrown haphazardly onto a (certainly cold) plate, with their companion sandwich landing next to them. Frontal lighting, out of focus... don't these people look at their images before the post them? The result looks about as fresh and innovative as the high school cafeteria's plate of the day. Or maybe a bull near the end of a bullfight, since the poor sandwich looks like the picadors got to it long ago with those fuzzy toothpicks sticking out of it.

What if the sandwich were quartered and bright metal skewers used to hold it together instead of toothpicks? What if there were a bit of chiffonade of romaine on the plate to green it up? How about serving the fries in a paper cone, like the worlds fritemeisters the Belgians do? Would seeing this make you wild with sandwich desire? Would you rip it from the arms of your server and devour it without breathing?  I certainly hope so!

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