Friday, December 10, 2010

Adrift in a sea of porcelain

This time their photo managed to combine strange composition, poor exposure and bad focus. For added effect, they added an Alfred Hitchcock style camera angle and wide angle lens, making the plate look large enough to land an A380.

They even left some things that could be crumbs, or are they just an artistic flourish gone wrong? I have no idea what the things are; presumably some kind of meat or fish or poultry. They didn't bother to say what they were feeding people - just snapped away and spit it right out onto the web for everyone to wonder (1) what is that, exactly and (2) why would anyone want to put it in their mouth.

But, look. They could have used a smaller plate, and fanned the stuff, stacked it, garnished it, taught it to speak French. Je ne sais pas.   But I'd rather get the plate in the lower illustration than whatever that is on top. And why wash all that dish surface for not even a fistful of Mystery Meat?

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