Sunday, December 5, 2010

Food photography

Food photography is kind of fun, and rather challenging. The food has to be well prepared, nicely plated and camera ready. Then, it has to be correctly lit, shot from the right angle with the right lens. Poorly shot food might be good for inducing people to diet, but it's certainly not something you would want to use to promote a restaurant.

Top photo: chile en nogada. Lit with a strobe on an overhead reflector/diffuser.
Middle photo: pumpkin ravioli. A shot of the food on the fork turned out to be a lot more effective than showing the food in the plate - it's more dynamic, shows scale, and highlights the three main ingredients (sauce, pasta, stuffing). Lighting: diffused speedlites.

The bottom is a dessert combining quince, vanilla ice cream and fresh guava. This was lit with an overhead sheet to enhance the dessert's glistening sheen.

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