Monday, November 26, 2012

Goodbye side panel

First, I got an Error 403 message instead of a sidebar. That's bad.

Then, things improved: the message became, "There was an error in this gadget".

Looks like the Recent Posts sidebar no longer works. I don't know why, but it had to go.

It seems that the 403 message is sent by the web server (a machine somewhere in the heart of Googledom) without any specifics or information on why it was sent nor how to correct the problem - other than simply removing the offending gadget.

So, goodbye for now, little panel. Adieu. Sayonara, farewell. I hope your death by the 403 Error Reaper was not too gruesome - although that might improve my hit count...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Autumn menus

Roast herb-rubbed rack of lamb, shallots, jus
White Tepiary beans with herbs
Lemon basmati rice, barberries, saffron
Syrah. Ceago, 2005. Biodynamic.

Roast chicken, kohlrabi, Yukon Gold potatoes
simple, all done with a bit of oven timing.

Duck confit, baked French pumpkin with pepitas, halloumi & Calvados, Wild mushroom Yukon gold unsmashed potatoes.
Merlot. Tapiz, Argentina.

Deconstructed mega-bacon shu mai. Seasoned ground pork, bacon, Brussels sprouts, won ton wrappers, mustardy sauce.
Freixinet Cava, brut.

Chawanmushi. Shrimp, fresh shiitake, dashi, scallions in steamed custard.
Turkey Udon. Udon noodles in turkey broth, turkey tonkatsu, enoki mushrooms. The tonkatsu is just pieces trimmed during preparation of the turkey, breaded and fried, dropped on the noodles as a garnish.

Bacon-wrapped boneless turkey breast with spinach strata. Lemon-baked yams, raw orange/mint/cranberry relish, Garlic/mushroom/bacon mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, gravy.
Calvados Apple pie.
Clarksburg Chenin Blanc
Clarksburg C. vociferous (this worked because of the bacon).


Crusted baked turkey legs. Sourdough rosemary bread, mashed potatoes.


Pilgrim Pasties. Sort of like Cornish pasties - but turkey based. Leftover dark meat, carrots, onions, garlic, herbs wrapped in pasty dough and baked.
Clarksburg Delta Rouge.
Laubade Armagnac.

Chicken Marsala. Sage, porcini, Marsala, prosciutto, chicken breast.


Chicken Korma, basmati rice.
Made with lots of cardamom so you can taste it long after the meal is over.