Friday, February 24, 2012

Big Cakes!

Aztec cake

Special occasion cake

Big. Like confection-covered ziggurats, they rise from the table, announcing that the Party is Here.

The special occasion cake is not edible, since it's finely crafted fondant wrapped around Styrofoam forms. Only the Styrofoam forms were given- all the shapes, colors glazes, flowers and piping were created in class. Veronica, our chef for the week, was in charge of designing the decoration and coordinating the teamwork needed to bring these fantasies to light.

The Aztec cake was baked last week, a mix of chocolate, roasted almonds and pepitas, a bit of cinnamon and some mild chili powder, kind of like Mexican hot chocolate turned into a cake. It was then frozen until this week's decorating work.

It took about five hours to color, shape, attach, pipe, adjust and finally present the cakes. Now we can admire one of them for weeks. The other will be sold and consumed somewhere. Hopefully we'll hear if they enjoyed the flavor.

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