Monday, February 20, 2012

Five star huevos rancheros

This was going to be normal huevos rancheros. But no tortillas in the freezer, no masa harina in the cupboard and no desire to go out just for some stinkin' tortillas led to this upscale version of the dish.

The cup is made from arepa flour - precooked corn meal - that's baked blind in the ramekin for about 20 minutes with a small pat of butter in the bottom. After that, simple. Just break an egg into the dish, add a dollop of ranchero sauce and some cream cheese (I was out of crema, too). Bake another 25 minutes or so, until the yolk just films over. Unmold (or not) and there it is. Fancy!

This could be made from masa harina, too. The flavor of the cup would be a bit stronger because there's lime left over from the nixtamalization of the corn. It would also be a bit more nutritious for the same reason - nixtamalization supposedly frees up more healthiness.

August, 2012. Zero reads. Looks like nobody gives a shit about transforming huevos rancheros into anything different. Until some asshole in a fancy restaurant comes up with something like this, and I'm sure it will be more popular than seamless underwear.

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