Saturday, August 4, 2012

The meals of summer

Summer flows tranquilly along, a time of barbecues, fresh fruit, ripe tomatoes and corn on the cob. Yet, over the horizon lurks the next semester. One day it will dawn and summer will be over.

It's not like there was no culinary action here. Where my friends used to invite us for dinner, they now say they've got a super ingredient and can I cook it. This is a huge improvement over the days where I had to get the ingredients and invite them.

So, here are this summer's highlights. Some of these might already be in this blog.

- Swordfish with lemon butter and capers
- Seared wild duck breasts with blackberry gastrique
- Seared steaks with sauce Bordelaise, purée de celeriac
- Bloody damn steak, no side. Just meat and "Hatchelaise" sauce - Bordelaise meets Hatch peppers (and wine, of course).
- Direct Charcoal steak, pommes alumettes
- Seared 100% grass fed hanger steak, reduction sauce, garlic-potato cubes.
- Burger: 100% grass fed beef, garden tomatoes, rosemary sourdough, red pepper coulis, goat blue braised onions.
- Pan-seared lamb, rosemary-garlic avgolemono sauce
- Chicken tajine with olives and preserved lemons
- All-vegetable couscous
- Imam bayildi
- Garlic-eggplant chawan mushi
- Red pepper bisque
- Shrimp bisque
- Chicken mechoui
- Rosemary chicken
- Chicken breast in sauce verjus
- Spice basted country style pork ribs
- House ground porky bacon burgers
- Fish tacos, char-grilled marinated snapper & salsa
- Sautéed shrimp
Thin crust summer vegetable pizza
- Chicken tajine in sweet tomato jam
- Caprese salad
- Wild duck confit with garlicky potatoes
- Regular duck confit with garlicky potatoes
- Herbed duck fat popcorn
- Herb-grilled branzino
- Chicken and egg plant chow mein with black bean sauce
- Pan fried chow mein, summer vegetables
- Shrimp with watermelon
- Carnitas
- Chile colorado
 -Standing rack of lamb
 -Grilled lamb chops

- Fresh fruit tarte
- Cake with fresh fruit coulis
- Chocolate-dipped strawberries

- Four grain sourdough
- Rosemary whole wheat sourdough
- Focaccia
- Baguettes
- Whole wheat sourdough
- French style rye
- Morocan style bread

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