Monday, January 16, 2012

The Expert

"Am I bothering you?"
The Expert's bored eyes swing around.
"Yes. I'm an expert and a genius. Nothing you possibly ask me could possibly be of any interest."
"Oh. So you can't recommend a great wine under ten dollars that goes well with flounder?"
"Of course I can. I'm an expert and a genius".
"You're interfering with my pose."
"The wine? Which one, please!"
"Yes." He grabs a random bottle.
"Drink this".
"What's it like?"
"It's white."
"So, why is it good?"
It was too late. The Expert had already walked away. Someone Important just arrived.


August, 2012. 
Not a single crappy hit. Maybe I should have said "naked expert" or "stark naked porn star expert". But then you'd have to wear special protection just to read this.

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