Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dim sum for the Year of the Dragon

What better way to celebrate the coming of the Year of the Dragon than with a bit of dim sum? I didn't want to just head to New Canton or Capitol Tea House or that new place I drove by on Broadway, though. For one thing, it was already past lunch time, so dim sum options expired.

I also wanted real pot stickers, with thicker skins. The supermarket skins tend to be thinner, for steamed varieties. So, the skins are just a form of pasta, bascially... flour, water, egg, salt. Shouldn't be too difficult...

So I scaled out the ingredients, put them in the food processor fitted with a metal blade, pulsed a bit, added some water, pulsed again until a dough ball formed. Tested it with a finger. Enough water - or too much? Seemed a bit soft... we'll see. Into the refrigerator for an hour to rest.

The chicken was from scratch, too. The dark meat and tenders went into the filling. I reserved the breast meat for another day, since it would have been a waste to grind it up. Added cabbage, green onion (scallions), garlic, lots of fresh grated ginger, salt, cilantro. Placed the filling in the freezer to firm up while I rolled out the wrappers.

I cut a piece of dough, ran it through a pasta roller, folded, repeated, and kept going until it turned silky smooth. It worked!

After that, if I wanted square wrappers I could just cut them from a strip out of the pasta roller. If I wanted round, I'd smooth out the dough in the roller, then wad it into a ball and roll it into a round, using corn starch to keep it from sticking.

Stuff the wrappers, follow any pot sticker recipe and done!

The other thing in the  plate is a crispy rice ball. Same stuffing, roll in slightly undercooked sticky rice, finish in 400°F oven.

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