Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hold the leafy bits, please.

You want to make a hamburger? The good tomatoes are gone. We're out of lettuce. You didn't bake buns. It's October.

Yeah. But it'll be great, really. Simple.

Just a few ingredients:

Onions: that red onion that I forgot in the pantry, and those half onions that I put in the fridge yesterday. Slow cook in olive oil with a bit of brown sugar, salt and pepper. Very slow. Raise the heat at the end and deglaze the pan with some orange juice. The onions should just melt in your mouth. That will be the base upon which the burger sits.

The burger. Half a pound of beef, fifteen percent fat maximum, grilled, with nice char marks on top. Seasoning: salt and pepper. Yeah, it's just a sketch but the char marks really were there. Trust me. I wouldn't lie about char marks.

The chips. Oops. Forgot about those two Russet potatoes in the pantry. What's this? A Yukon gold potato? Slice 'em up, blanch in oil, quick final fry, salt and pepper again. Ready to go.

Plate it like in the illustration. Except I drew a really fancy, expensive plate. That's the nice thing about illustration. If you can imagine it, you can draw it. And you don't have to actually have it in your hands.

The wine was a cheap Monastrell that comes in a beautiful bottle with a passion flower on it. The wine is great with this kind of food, and makes a great vinegar container afterward.

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