Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Great Zucchini in the Sky Gives a Sign

Well, remember two posts back where I was less than enthused about eating zucchini? Tonight, I volunteered for an event with ARC where we helped restaurants attend an event by working in their booths so they would not have to pull personnel during a busy Saturday night service.

So, what wonderful thing did we serve? Zucchini chips. We also served an excellent meatball slider, but I was in charge of plating over 200 little cups full of zucchini chips. That's hours of zucchini, moving at speed to fill cups of crispy green chips fast enough to keep up with demand, as they were flying off the table.

This was a bit too strange for coincidence. In the entire event, no other booth served zucchini. Only this one. I was chosen at random, and could have been placed anywhere. I could have had meatball slider duty at this booth instead. But no, the Zucchini Goddess had other plans for me. Maybe a 40:1 chance of meeting up with the Green One. Yet, there I was.

All the while I was filling the cups, then dusting them with minced parsley, I could almost hear the laughter of the Zucchini Goddess, echoing across the heavens. If I went outside, looked up and squinted hard enough, I'm sure I would have seen an enormous grinning green face looking down from the clouds, laughing hysterically.

So, there it is. Zucchini as proof of the existence of God. No more leap of faith required, it's all right there in the Zucchini Miracle. Although no chip bore the unmistakable likeness of any known religious icon. I think.

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