Saturday, July 30, 2011

Magret de canard en gastrique de mûres, Yukon Gold smashed potatoes

seared duck breast with blackberry gastrique, garlic smashed potatoes

What do you do when sour, wild blackberries have conquered part of your back yard? Make them into a gastrique and pour it over some seared duck breast, of course! Make some smashed potatoes with duck fat and garlic, sprinkle some chives over the top, and voilá! A fancy French dinner.
Served with an '06 Yorkville Highlands Merlot. Organic, even.

Dessert was ice cream sandwiches, home made. You assemble them yourself, just before putting them in your mouth, so the chocolate cracker stays crunchy and the ice cream... well, it's messy and drippy. Once you've had an ice cream sandwich like this, there's no going back to those frozen, soggy things at the store.

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