Sunday, May 1, 2011

SactoMoFo: So many trucks, so little time

Just after noon, lines stretched across the park. That's public demand!

It was mo' crowded than this, but I got tired of drawing.

The scene was like Tron's lightcycle race, where each bike laid down a line. Except these were lines of people stretching across Fremont Park. Even the Whole Foods truck had a line. Go figure, since it would have been faster to drive to their store and order there.

The trucks offered a wide range of enticing foods. Filipino. French. American. Mexican... Interesting stuff, with at least as much variety as Sacramento's restaurant scene.

The prices were reasonable, too - why they can't have something like this at the State Fair? I'd definitely go if they had food like this and similar prices. Maybe a Food Truck Weekend? This event could have easily supported double the number of trucks (thereby halving the line length) - although Fremont Park was almost too small to hold all the people.

So, the question now is how will the Sacramento City Council rationalize their ban on food trucks after getting enough petitions heaped on them to smother a roast ox? Will they go so far as to change their silly law, or are their egos so large that reversing course would show a lack of fortitude and perseverance? Will whoever lobbied them into enacting this law in the first place maintain their death grip on Sacramento's street food artery? Will Second Saturday ever have street food? Imagine... but don't get your hopes up, since Sacramento's city council is much better at maintaining the status quo and shunning innovation than bringing more life to the city.

If you attended and did not sign a petition, then may you be forced to work in a building in Sacramento next to a five star restaurant. Brown bag or pay through the nose, that's what the City Council wants!

As to what I tried, well... Since each line looked like about a forty-five minute to one hour wait and the event only lasted three hours, it was obviously impossible to try more than four things without coordinating with friends. I didn't see any friends, so I decided to try Plan B: go to Chando's while everyone is here, and maybe there would be no line there.

Arrive at Chando's. Long line. Drat. Go home, eat some pretzels and work in the garden.

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