Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Sausages

It's the day after Thanksgiving and not a creature is stirring. At least, not in the kitchen. Everything is pretty much ready to go. The sausages were made from the wings and thighs when the turkey was boned. We did make some garlic mashed potatoes and pita bread, but that stuff is easy.

Turkey sausages
  • Dark turkey meat, silver skin removed.
  • Powdered milk (binder)
  • Minced celery & parsley
  • Lemon juice
  • A bit of cider vinegar
  • Fresh cranberries
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Duck fat. Use a lot to keep the sausages from getting too dry. Pork fat could also work.
  • A trace of sage

  1. Get everything really, really cold. If you're using a meat grinder, put it in ice water for a while to chill. 
  2. Season the meat, mix everything together and run it through the grinder.
  3. Make a small patty and fry it. Taste to adjust seasonings. Adjust the spice mix as needed
  4. Stuff hog casings with the sausage mix.
  5. Preferably, hang in the refrigerator to let the casings dry out a bit overnight. If you can't do this, no big deal.

Grill the sausages and enjoy. I cooked the pita bread on the grill, too. Fast and easy.

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