Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chickens hacked, with a bonus

The chicken hacking went well. Although I did learn that chicken hacking is bad - it's where you make a series of short cuts instead of long, smooth cuts, especially when you're boning out the breasts and tenders. Short cuts make for "fuzzy" chicken, something that doesn't feel as good in the mouth as smooth, silky breasts...

So, the chicken became Frenched mini-drumsticks from the first joint on the wings, made into teriyaki hot wings along with the second wing joint. I made teriyaki tenders, too because we were both hungry. The rest is brining - the breasts (supremes for Julia Child fans), thighs and drumsticks.

I somehow became the carcass collector, and took home more carcasses than would fit in my ice chest. They're in the oven roasting for stock. Looks like I'll have a nice, strong batch of nice chicken stock for French onion soup, pilaf, sauces...

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